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Tips For Getting The Best In Energy Efficiency From Your Air Conditioning

Anyone who has lived in Del Rio for any length of time knows what summer heat can be like. In fact, you don't have to wait for summer to get some of that heat. So, it goes without saying that it is of the utmost importance to have your air conditioning in proper working order. However, there's more to your air conditioner than just having it functional – or not.

Having your cooling system fully operational is vital for a number of reasons. This means that you will have a more energy-efficient system, one that promotes a more Eco-friendly household and reduces monthly utility bills. Savvy homeowners make it a point to learn what they can in order to help make their cooling system more efficient and effective. Below are some tips for getting more energy efficiency from your air conditioner in Del Rio.

Enhance Air Conditioner Efficiency
"A more energy-efficient system reduces monthly utility bills"

Top Ways to Enhance Air Conditioner Efficiency

Want your AC to be able to give you all its got? Then take care of it with these routine air conditioning maintenance steps:

  • Make it a point to be diligent about changing your air filters. Your filters should be changed monthly, especially during peak usage. During periods of less activity, you can get by with just cleaning. Either way, stay on top of this; dirty filters will block airflow and lead to your AC not working at all.
  • Insulate the unit ducts. The ducts can perform better when sealed and then wrapped with fiberglass insulation. Otherwise, the air traveling through the duct system has a more difficult time maintaining the desired temperature.
  • Get on board with Smart technology for your home, especially your thermostat. This will enable you to adjust your cold air, even while away from home, depending on certain factors. Leaving it set at the same temperature no matter the time of day, weather, amount of sun etc. is wasteful.

Get Help from a Del Rio Air Conditioning Service Expert

In order to get the help you need, make it a point to call on Comfort Tech Service Now. Our air conditioning company in Del Rio genuinely cares about the clients we work with and will be able to provide you with quality workmanship, as well as other useful tips to help you make your air conditioning system more energy efficient.

Want to really improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioner? Schedule an air conditioning tune-up with Comfort Tech Service Now today! Call 830.774.6542 or complete our online request form to learn more.